Benefits of Membership

New Jersey Business Builders Mastermind Group is a forum to facilitate the growth of our members’ businesses as well as to enhance their personal and professional skills.

  • Business Education discussion segments on all aspects of starting, operating and maintaining a successful business, targeting such topics as you will find at our Business Discussions page.
  • Business Brainstorming segments gives members an opportunity to share business issues, problems, concerns or ideas in order to get feedback from the group (including any visitors present). These discussions offer support, challenge us to set goals and be accountable to accomplish them.  Each of us is committed to the confidential nature of this aspect of the meeting, and to support each other with total honesty, respect and compassion.
  • Videotaping of participants’ business presentations. This not only provides a mechanism by which participants can hone their public speaking skills, but provides them with video content to use in their social networking platforms and business web sites.
  • Guest speakers for continued professional and personal education and development. Previous speakers have been:
    • Sarah Elkins, Elkins Consulting (Helena, MT)
      “A Storytelling Culture to Improve Sales and Communication”
    • John Kalli, Trinity Worldwide Technologies, LLC
      “Passwords – What Not to Do”
    • Chris Whalen, CPA
      “Are You Being Bernie Madoff-ed”
    • Izzy Levovitz, Profound Business
      “DIY Social Media: It’s All About The Know/Like/Trust Factors”
    • Debra Levy, C.O.C., Organizing Made Easy, LLC
      “Time and paper management for the overwhelmed”
    • Sarah Rosenberg, PowerMatch
      “Tools & Resources for Effective Networking”
  • Success Speakers – Coming soon: In-person and Skype hookup with successful business people to inspire us with how they came to be doing what they are, obstacles they may have encountered and how they overcame them, sales team issues they have had that we might benefit from, how they handle their marketing, the kinds of things they do that’s “special” for their clients or customers (relationship-building tools), and to speak about one aspect of their business that they especially enjoy.
  • Individual Personal Profile Pages at our web site to showcase our members:
  • Business social media feeds
  • Videotaped presentations
  • Links to business blogs they may write
  • Members participation in interviewing of applicants.
  • Yearly calendar of all meeting dates for advance planning purposes.