Business Discussions

The Business Discussion segment of our meetings focuses on one aspect of starting, operating or maintaining a successful business and/or reaching professional or personal goals. Prior to each meeting, members (and confirmed guests) are sent the topic, the document on which the topic was based, if any; and discussion questions.


Have you started working on your 1Q 2020 business plans and projects? – 11.5.19

Follow-up status reports to commitments made at all previous meetings. – 10.8.19

What do you want to accomplish by our next meeting, October 8? – 9.24.19

Whether applicable to your business or personal life, and you can have more than one, how would you finish this statement, “I know I need to, but _______________.” – 9.24.19

When a prospect declines to hire you after discussion, what are your thoughts? How do you feel? – 9.10.19

What actions do you need/want to take to get your business ready for the new year? – 8.20.19

Content marketing: What specific types of content can you generate for your business? – 8.20.19

In your business, what does VALUE really mean – 8.6.19

What words would your clients use to describe you? – 7.23.19

Mid-Year Resolutions – 7.9.19

Provide each colleague with at least 1 (more is OK) idea that you think they should consider pursuing to get more business. – 6.18.19

Habits That Kill Productivity – 6.4.19

How Often Do You Look at What Your Business Does – 5.21.19

Responding to price objections – 5.7.19

Business-related fears – 4.23.19

Name at least one business-related fear or the thing that makes you uncomfortable.

What exactly are you afraid of?

Who are you most afraid of this happening with?

What evidence do you have that tells you that this will or won’t occur?

What Should Be in Your Business Plan – 4.9.19

Second Quarter Resolutions – 3.26.19

When it comes to your business relationships, the quality of your work, your performance, your productivity, the value you provide, and your habits, where do you chronically feel like you hit a wall, or repeat the same pattern? – 3.26.19

Selling a Product vs Solving a Problem – 3.12.19

Reinventing Yourself – 2.26.19

What do clients love about working with you? What have they told you specifically? – 2.26.19

If you could do things all over again, would you choose the same path for yourself? – 2.5.19

What makes your business stand out. – 1.22.19

What career mistake has given you the biggest lesson? – 1.22.19

Sales: Referral Selling – 1.8.19


I know I need to but . . . – 12.18.18


The 8 Objections – 12.4.18


When did you last learn something new and immediately apply it to your business? When did you  last share your new learnings with your colleagues, clients and/or prospects? – 11.20.18
What are you currently doing to position yourself as the “expert” in your field in 2019? – 11.20.18


Have you ever made a business decision based on desperation rather than inspiration? – 11.6.18
How do you measure your success besides profit? – 11.6.18


Winning back lost prospects and former customers. – 10.23.18
What is one “stretch goal” – an ambitious milestone beyond which you feel confident you can achieve next year? – 10.23.18


Have you started working on your 1Q 2019 business plans and projects? – 10.9.18
What’s the hardest part of your job? – 10.9.18


“The Obstacle is the Way,” by Ryan Holiday – 9.11.18


What’s the most challenging part of your job? – 8.21.18


What’s your #1 headache or problem in your business? – 8.7.18


10 Warning Signs of Bad Clients and How to Deal With Them – 7.24.18


Prospects, Suspects or Buyers – 4.24.18


Efficiency in Small Business – 3.13.18


3 0-day Challenge – 2.27.18


10 Tough-but-Essential Questions That Will Set Yourself Up for Success in 2018 – 2.6.18


3 Ways to Turn the Tables on Your Customers – 1.23.18


For Better Brainstorming, Tell An Embarrassing Story – 1.9.18


Sales Objections: Obstacles or Opportunities – 12.19.17

What Have You Accomplished in 2017 For Your Business? – 12.5.17

Is Asking the Tough Sales Questions Mean, or Merciful? – 11.21.17

For More Effective 1-2-1’s, You Have to Ask More Than, “So, What Do You Do?” – 11.7.17

Creating Your Annual Revenue Plan—Now – 10.24.17

Top 10 Challenges Small Business Owners Are Facing Today – 10.10.17

12 Things Even the Best Leaders Can Forget – 9.26.17

12 Fears You Need to Overcome to Succeed in Business and Life – 9.12.17

The Worst Moments in Sales – 8.22.17

Stop Touching Base With Your Prospects – 8.8.17

Mid-Year Resolutions – 7.11.17

5 Times Mentally Strong People Give Themselves Permission to Quit – 6.16.17

Ten Things Only Bad Bosses Say – 6.2.17

How Does Your Gut Fit in to Decision Making? – 5.19.17

Don’t be the Customer’s Bitch – 5.5.17

Which One Should I Choose? Making The Best Decision! – 4.21.17

Sales Scripts: Write Them So You Don’t Have To Use Them – 4.7.17

These 5 Words Can Hurt Your Personal Brand – 3.24.17

Sometimes Doing What’s Best for Customers Isn’t Always Going to Make Them Happy – 3.10.17

The One Thing Customer Service People Miss Most Often…and Why It’s Losing Them Business – 2.24.17

Do You Ask WHY Enough? How About Trying 5 Whys? – 1.27.17

Is ‘Good Enough’ Really Good Enough For You? – 1.13.17


Here’s What Can Happen When You Don’t Check Your Ego at the Door – 12.16.16

Want to Diffuse Anger? Then Listen! – 12.2.16

Horrible Habits That Are Ruining Your Productivity – 11.18.16

6 Ways to Have a Difficult Conversation Without Losing Your Client – 11.4.16

Do You Know WHY Your Business Exists? – 10.21.16

What’s The One Thing You Wished You Knew Earlier – 10.7.16

Get Back On That Horse – 9.23.16

Dumb Mistakes That Very Smart Bosses Make – 9.9.16

Are Your Services Worth More Than a Latte – 8.19.16

Relationship as a Business Strategy – 8.5.16

Top 5 Regrets of a Dying Business – 7.22.16

The Delegating Dilemma – 7.8.16

12 Signs You’ve Made a Bad Hire – 6.17.16

Busting Out of a Slump – 6.3.16

10 Secrets to Great Customer Service – 5.13.16

Business Goal Setting: Starting at the End – 4.29.16

Ethical Dilemmas in Business or in the Workplace – 4.15.16

If I Knew Then What I Know Now – 4.1.16

Reinventing Yourself – 3.18.16

Overcoming Self-Doubt – 3.14.16

22 Responses to the Dreaded “It Costs Too Much” – 2.19.16

Hi My Name Is … The Powerful Self-Introduction – 2.5.16

Positioning Yourself as an Expert in Your Field – 1.22.16

Setting Goals the Right Way – 1.8.16


How to Spot a Bad Client – 12.18.15