Guest Speakers

Even experienced business people have gaps in their knowledge of the many aspects of starting, operating, and maintaining a successful business; and all the tools and resources available to help in that regard.

Guest speakers are an important part of the business education experience for the members of New Jersey Business Builders Mastermind Group. We thoroughly enjoyed the presentations by the following professionals and the Q&A’s that followed. Most importantly, we LEARNED a heck of a lot from each of them!


Sara Rosenberg
“Tools & Resources for Effective Networking”

Sarah Elkins
Elkins Consulting (Helena, MT)
“A Storytelling Culture to Improve Sales and Communication”
Debra Levy, C.O.C., A.C.C.

Organizing Made Easy
“Time and Paper Management for the Overwhelmed”
Y.H. (Izzy) Levovitz
Profound Business

“DIY Social Media: It’s All About The Know/Like/Trust Factors”
Chris Whalen, CPA

“Are You Being Bernie Madoff-ed”
John Kalli
Trinity Worldwide Technologies, LLC

“Passwords – What Not to Do”