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New Jersey Business Builders Mastermind Group is a non-exclusive organization and, as such,  does not prohibit its participants from being associated with exclusive-seat organizations. All members of the group can take part in the interview process of applicants. Interviews are followed by a vetting and reference-check process.


An applicant to New Jersey Business Builders Mastermind Group:

  • Represents a full-time, primary business or service (no MLMs)
  • Is a new business owner, practitioner  or career professional who could benefit from mentoring, guidance and direction; or,
  • Is an established business owner, practitioner or career professional who enjoys sharing their wisdom and experiences with others, but who also wants the benefits of a continuous influx of new ideas and fresh perspectives;


Will be asked to provide:

  • A resumé (general and concise introduction of experiences and skills);
  • 2 client references for/to whom they have provided services or products within the last 2 years;
  • 2 business references with whom their business or practice has a relationship (i.e., vendor, supplier, referral source)
  • Details of any groups or associations to which they belong and which do not prohibit simultaneous participation in ours.
  • Details of any Chambers of Commerce or professional industry associations to which they belong and are actively involved as either a Board or Committee member.


Will be required to have:

  • Business cards representing only the applicant’s full-time primary business or service