Stacey Rose, PhD, LCSW - The Rose Relationship Learning Center, LLC

O: 732-517-1177


What Makes Me Different

After 25 plus years in the field of psychotherapy, I have created an approach that helps both individuals and couples get through the challenges of relationships so they come out on the other end more connected and fulfilled. Given my interactions with couples, they often feel inspired and empowered to start applying the tools they learn to get instant results. The style of therapy I use is more analogous to coaching, with a focus on what each person's goals are and what needs to happen in order to achieve them. Emphasizing the present and the future gives my clients hope. 

About Me

Stacey F. Rose, LCSW, PhD is a psychotherapist specializing in helping people to get more out of what they want from their relationships and their lives. The name of my practice is The Rose Relationship Learning Center, LLC; Because RELATIONSHIPS DON’T COME WITH DIRECTIONS.

With over 20 years experience as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Psychotherapist, and as a graduate of Fordham University, Stacey continued her educational journey by pursuing a PhD in Psychology. Stacey’s practice consists of individuals of all ages, couples, families, alternative lifestyle couples/individuals, and specializes in relationships.With training in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing)- a treatment for trauma, and training in Psychodrama, Stacey uses an eclectic approach to help each client get what they need. 

Why I Wanted To Be A Part of This Organization

NJBB is a supportive group of business people, all of whom bring different perspectives to business and specifically entrepreneurship. In all my years of training to be a therapist, I didn't get any training on the business aspects of running a practice; this is something I've had to learn on my own. But joining NJBB holds me accountable to following through with various projects I want to incorporate in my work. It's proved to be productive and fun!